Voltage stabilizers

Voltage stabilizer - front Voltage stabilizer - inside


• Voltage addition by active element - transformer

• Microprocessor monitoring of effective voltage value (RMS) on the input.

• One phase voltage stabilizer only. (For 3 phases system have to use 3 voltage stabilizers)

• Range of stabilize voltage is: ± 5% from output voltage

• Inside system for “by-pass” guarantee continuous of supply to users in case of emergency

• Digital voltmeters on the face board show input and output voltage.


Rectifier 24V-20A Rectifier 24V-20A - side Rectifier 110V-35A


• Thyristor rectifying unit complete in 6 pole circuit “Larionov”

• Supplying voltage 380V ± 10% 50Hz L1, L2, L3, N or 220V ± 5%, 50Hz

• Nominal parameters given by order

• Digital parameter’s display

• Warranty: 18 months

• Full service

Main functions:

Charging of traction and starter batteries;

Stabilization of charging current 0-100%In;

Automatic switch off when reaching given value of battery voltage.

Sub charging of stationary and accumulating batteries;

Limitation of loading current to any given value;

Regimes of normal and fast charging on constant voltage.

Charging of traction and starter’s batteries.

• We offer redesign and modernization of rectifiers with maximum use of their elements.

Our customers have been “Trakia-Papir Ltd” ,Pazargik, “KCM Ltd” Plovdiv, “IEHIT Ltd” Pazargik, Electrical distributing substation.

Fast Thyristor Changeover Switch (Static Thyristor Switch) STS

STS STS - front STS - inside STS

Main purpose: Switching electrical supply of 'critical' consumers (computers and other system with digital signal processing) from one power source to another for time less than one half period of the supplying voltage, due to requirements of CBEMA (Computer Business Equipment Manufacturer’s Association).

Construction: The commutation is performed by thyristor switches. The thyristor losses are eliminated by bypass contactors. Control is realized with controller based on microprocessor Siemens SAB80C537. There are mnemo scheme and controlling keyboard on the front panel of the device. Software is developed for remote PC control. The switching parameters are in wide range. The device could be realized for monophase and 3-phase circuits.


1. Automatic-when parameters of the main power supply change, the controller switches to secondary (spare) supply. When parameters are back in the given range, the controller switches back to the main supply.

2. Manual - the moment of switching is controlled by keyboard or PC.

Time for switching: 2 ms– at flowing alternation parameters <10 ms at supply failure

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