Opico® has a solid experience in the electrical field, as it constantly enlarges and increases the amount of its contracts. The company continuously develops by training its personnel and expands its business activities. The corporation has specialized in the following activities:

Design and consultant services in the electrical installation sphere;

Trade and supply of the low-voltage appliances of the ABB and Lovato electric concerns. The company has its own shop and keeps in stocks circuit breakers, low voltage circuit breakers, contactors, motor protection circuit breakers, components for automation and control, digital measuring instruments, etc.

Implementation and supply of electrical distribution and measuring boards, as well as automation electrical distribution boards, and their installation by the customers’ projects. The distribution boards are implemented into metal or plastic boards which have a high level of protection and esthetic modes. The appliances used for the distribution boards is mainly produced by ABB and Lovato electric.

Low-volume production, delivery and installation of voltage stabilizer, rectifiers, STS boards manufactured by the company OPICO Ltd. for the supply of large computer infrastructures.

Provide a guarantee and maintenance of the products manufactured by the company;

Low-voltage cable lines;

Implementation of electrical installation in residential, commercial and industrial buildings;

Implementation of fire alarm installations;

Implementation of security installation, video monitoring and access control installations;

Structured cable systems.

The greatest number of our contracts is in the newly constructed buildings. We are able to implement all kind of electrical installations of a given construction project, to provide and install the complete required electrical equipment in residential multi units, commercial or industrial building.

Visit our product site to choose the products you wish your installations to be designed of. There, you can also learn about our production. Of course, as a client, you can always prerequisite certain preferable brand for the implementation of your project.

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